National Public Radio (NPR) featured Scrollwoks, a music education program in Birmingham, AL on the news program, Weekend Edition for February 27. The story is an excerpt from the series, "State of the RE:Union." Scrollworks provides music lessons to children of all income groups. The cost of the lessons is based on a sliding scale according to family income, and are often free. In a city like Birmingham, sometimes called "the most segregated city in America," the lessons bring kids from all backgrounds together with one goal; to make music.

I play a small role in Scrollworks by maintaining and repairing the program's stringed instruments, mostly donated, on a volunteer basis. I set up shop at the church where the lessons are held each Saturday. More often than not, kids come down with a small problem identified by the instructors during a lesson. Many times I can fix the problem while the student watches. I treat them as I would any customer, whether or not the student owns the instrument. In addition, they get to see first hand what goes into caring for the instrument.

Later in the spring, a full-length segment featuring the program will air on State of the RE:Union. In the meantime, enjoy this 10 minute segment about some great kids and the dedicated volunteer teachers and parents who participate in this worthwhile project. There is also a link to Scrollworks on my links where donations are accepted online, if you are so moved.

Click HERE to see the see and hear the story